About Us

Pro Termite Control is the leading termite control company in Malaysia. We offer cost-effective and environmentally safe treatments to keep your home or office termite free. Our services include inspections, treatment programs, and preventative measures to ensure that you’re protected from all types of termites including subterranean and drywood.

Our Background

We started our company with the goal to provide our customers in Malaysia and Indonesia an affordable termite control service that is effective against all types of termites. We are recognized for providing quality workmanship through a thorough understanding of the most up-to-date scientific technologies and practices available, while keeping costs down at the same time.

Our Goals

With our strong foundation, we continue to grow and provide the best termite treatments for all your needs. Our goal is to protect people and their homes from dangerous pests while also protecting the environment.

Our Values

We are committed to offering a high-quality service and providing our customers with the best possible experience when they work with us. We want you not only feel safe, but also know that we’re doing everything in accordance with international standards of termite control services.

Termite Control