Termites are a silent pest; they slowly work away at your home without you ever knowing about it. Unfortunately, they cause a lot of damage to floors, and in some cases, the wood may not be salvageable after it’s been infested with termites.

In this article, we will discuss the early signs of termite damage on floors so you can act right away and call in professional termite control.

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Early Signs of Termite Damage on Floors

A building’s floor is one of the most important aspects that need taking care of. Floorboards are indeed not cheap, and if termites damage them, you will quickly realize how expensive they can be.

Sadly, termites are very attracted to floors, especially when you have a wooden home. They love the wood and will do anything to get at it. This is why you must know what these early signs of termite damage on floors are so that you can act as soon as possible before any real damage takes place.

To give you a better understanding of what termite damage looks like on floors, check out the list below:

Buckling wooden floorboards

If you spot buckling wooden floorboards, it is most likely they are termite-infested. Termite s prefer the top side of the wood, so when they eat through it, it makes the floors curve or warp in places.

Cracks on the wooden floorboards

Termites will start their damage from a foundation, and if left unattended too long enough, then cracks will start to form on your lovely wooden floorboards. In time, these cracks will turn into deep fissures that can affect your whole house.

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Discoloration of wood over time

Discoloration of wood may occur because of termites. As they eat through your floors, it can leave dark marks that make the floorboards look horrible. This doesn’t happen overnight, but over time it will start getting noticeable.

Small holes in wooden floorboards

Termites leave behind very small entrance holes while working on floors and inside walls. If you spot these tiny holes anywhere around your room, then you should call an exterminator immediately. It might not be termites, but if it is, then it won’t take long before more damage is done.

The Dangers of Termite and Damage on Floors

Failing to deal with termite damage on floors poses a huge danger not only to you but also to your family. Firstly, you should realize that, given time, your house can suffer irreparable damage if left unattended because of termites.

Secondly, it is not only the structure of the building that is affected but also its stability. For example, if your floors are damaged badly enough, then this could lead to having an unstable house which means it would be at risk of collapsing.

Thirdly, there is even a health hazard when dealing with termites. These insects spread diseases through their saliva, and once they get indoors, people living in the area will be at great risk for asthma attacks and allergies.

If you don’t act fast and remove termites from your floors and repair them, you can end up with many problems in the long run. And you certainly don’t want that to happen, dreading having to deal with another disaster-related to your home.

How to Fix Floors With Termite Damage

If you notice termite damage early on, then it will be much cheaper and easier to fix the problem. However, if left too long, it will cost a lot more to have someone obliterate it from your floors.

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Fixing floors caused by termite damage often involves removing the whole floorboard and replacing it with a new one. However, if you can’t afford this procedure, then there is a cheaper alternative that only involves the replacement of a few boards which were damaged by termites.

The best solution to fixing floors with termite damage is hiring an exterminator from your local area specializing in removing these insects from houses. They will gladly inspect your property for free and give you suggestions on what to do next.

Ways to Prevent Termite Damage

You can prevent termites from damaging your wooden floorboards by treating them regularly against termites if you are not sure how then contact a termite specialist who will either treat them for you or show you how it’s done properly.

In addition, you may seal up crevices in your home to avoid termites entering in the first place. You should also remove deadwood and water sources such as puddles and leak to stop termites from making a colony near your home.

In Conclusion

Now that you know the early signs of termite damage to floors, you can now protect yourself from these nasty termites. You no longer have to suffer from the damages made by termites. And if you ever notice anything suspicious, then get rid of it before it gets any worse.

For more information on how to deal with termites on your floors, contact our expert exterminator today! We offer affordable termite control services, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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